Welcome to my blog.

Howdy. This blog is going to be my attempt to venture down the rabbit hole and I sure do hope you all will come along with me on this journey.

When I started out, heck even now, I have had so many questions that if not answered left me lost and confused. I could spend countless hours trying to figure out one small aspect of the bigger picture and not be able to, wishing that I had a forum to turn to so I wouldn’t be stuck playing croquet with the queen of hearts. I want this to be a place where I can (we can) discuss photography and retouching topics that would include behind the scenes, tutorials, and other related matters (you tell what you want and I’ll do my best to deliver). 

Over the last year or so I not only got back into photography, I began taking portrait photography pretty serious, and fell in love all over again, following the white rabbit wherever he led. I have taken techniques that I’ve learned along the way and applied them to this never ending process of refining my own technique and discovering my ‘look.’ My hope, personally, is to be able to grow and continue to evolve, but more than that I hope to aid and support others in their photographic endeavors.